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Dr Egon Engin-Deniz is a partner in the firm and has been with CMS since 1991. He leads the intellectual property and media teams at CMS in Vienna. For several years he was IP practice head of the pan-European IP team at CMS.

He has extensive experience in contentious and non-contentious trademark, domain and patent law as well as in copyright issues, including conditional access law, distribution and unfair competition matters. His team specialises in pursuing product piracy cases and the investigation of parallel imports. Egon Engin-Deniz is a recognised expert in the coordination of complex multi-jurisdiction litigation and in the field of licensing. Together with his team, he advises leading international and Austrian clients across a wide range of industry sectors, with a focus on pharmaceutical and medical device companies, agro sciences, biotechnology, media companies as well as companies from the IT and consumer products sectors.

Equally important as his intensive involvement in litigation activities are the strategic “cradle to grave” advisory services he provides to companies, starting from the choice of names and portfolio management to trademark, patents and licensing strategies.

Up until 2008, Egon Engin-Deniz was state commissioner for the Austrian collecting societies OeSTIG und LSG.

Relevant Experience:

  • Private Trust of a famous Austrian singer, copyright litigation and strategic counselling.
  • One of the largest crop protection corporations in patent and trademark litigation and product piracy.
  • The largest Pay-TV group in media, copyright and IP litigation and counselling.
  • A large telecom company and IP-TV operator in copyright litigation.
The success of a company springs from its ideas. By obtaining, defending and licencing various property rights ranging from trademarks to designs, patents, protection certificates and utility models, this potential is transformed into financially measurable company values. A cohesive IP strategy, including both commercialisation and enforcement, will ensure you get maximum value from your portfolio.

With 150 IP-lawyers in 39 countries, we understand your business needs. CMS has worked with some of the best-known brands and we specialize in representing companies from the lifesciences, pharmaceutical, medical products, media, telecommunications, clothing, computer and consumer goods industries. We advise and represent clients during trademark registrations and similarity examinations, handle their trademark portfolios and potential breaches of their trademark, design, patent and protection certificate rights, and prosecute product piracy for our clients at customs authorities and courts across Europe. Our expertise extends to parallel and grey imports, sales rights and associated legal fields such as pharmaceutical products, media, telecommunications and broadcast law.

The right brands will win the hearts and minds of your customers. The right patents will prevent others exploiting your ideas or provide a substantial barrier to market access. Copyright, know-how and designs also play a vital role. In the event of a breach of property rights, we support our clients in asserting their rights before courts and criminal courts. Our range of services includes warnings, injunctions, lawsuits and border confiscations as well as the increasingly important international assertion of intellectual property rights.

Ranked as a Top 10 Global Law Firm, CMS can work for you in over 41 countries and 73 offices worldwide. 4,500 CMS lawyers offer you business-focused advice tailored to your needs, whether in your local market or across multiple jurisdictions.

Being immersed in the industry sectors our clients operate in is at the heart of what we do. Our business is structured according to the industries our clients work in, delivering technically excellent lawyers who talk your language.

You can benefit from added value services such as Law-Now which provides practical and timely knowledge relevant to your business and from webinars for training at your desk.

We have deep local expertise in many jurisdictions and major global centres. CMS has a track record of expanding to meet client needs, moving into countries such as Turkey and Oman to support infrastructure and energy projects.

CMS lawyers are part of organisations such as the CMS Lifesciences Asia-Pacific Network and the African Legal Network. We understand how macro trends, such as the fall in oil price, affect your business and stay on top of the news agenda, regulatory discussions and new legislation.


“Egon Engin-Deniz is known for his strong knowledge of trade secret protection, including contentious cases. He represents clients from a variety of industry sectors on trade mark, patent and copyright issues.”
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