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Maristella Collazo-Soto is a Senior Member of Ferraiuoli and Vice-Chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group. She has devoted her practice to representing clients in all aspects of intellectual property, from a transactional, strategic, and a litigation perspective. Maristella advises clients on matters such as patent infringement litigation, social media, rights of publicity, trade secrets, entertainment, copyrights, privacy matters, false advertising, unfair competition, and trademark prosecution and infringement litigation.

Maristella is particularly adept at helping clients understand the business and legal risks associated with the adoption, use, and registration of trademarks both in Puerto Rico and in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. She has successfully represented clients in Puerto Rico, Delaware and in the Eastern District of Texas.

Maristella currently serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Puerto Rico School of Law for Intellectual Property and Advertising courses.

Prior to joining Ferraiuoli, Maristella began her career at McConnell Valdés LLC and completed her LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law at Fordham University School of Law in New York City. While undergoing studies for her LL.M., she served as a Judicial Clerk for the Administrative Judge of the New York Supreme Court, the Honorable Sherry K. Heitler.

Ferraiuoli’s IP practice is trend setting, innovative and an integral part of what we do and who we are. We are the only Puerto Rico-based firm to have a dedicated, full-service IP department. Our clients run the gamut from innovative start-ups and local organizations to internationally recognized corporations. We have the experience and capability to provide guidance and integrated advice for the protection and exploitation of all areas of intellectual property, from a company’s first intangible asset to multinational, diverse portfolios.

We are the leading IP law firm in Puerto Rico with a top-notch practice that extends throughout the continental United States. We have also developed ties and partnerships with a global network of law firms, to ensure the protection of our client’s assets in every corner of the world.

Our innovative and cutting-edge focus in IP, and in technology-related matters, has no precedent in Puerto Rico. Ferraiuoli was founded and is led by the vision of the first-ever Puerto Rican United States patent attorney to practice within Puerto Rico, Eugenio J. Torres-Oyola. Two of our partners are law school professors of Intellectual Property matters. Our Annual IP Symposium is one-of-a-kind in Puerto Rico.

Our trademark team is second to none. Our use of technology, competitive pricing, unparalleled response time and depth of bench allow us to provide services that no one else in Puerto Rico can.

With a diversified team of patent attorneys and professionals with backgrounds in a variety of specialties, spanning from electrical engineering and computer science through multiple disciplines of life sciences including chemical engineering, chemistry, biology, marine biology and neurobiology, we have the experience to provide our clients with the most equipped team of professionals for the job.

Not only does Ferraiuoli boast the largest patent litigation bench in Puerto Rico, but we also handle patent infringement litigations for our clients in Delaware, California, Texas and Puerto Rico. In fact, in 2014, we were named among the top patentee law firms in terms of the number of pending patent cases in District Courts across the United States.

Our clients reap the benefits of competitive pricing driven by the local market, while receiving the same high-quality work product, sophistication and credentials offered by national and international firms.

Ferraiuoli has, in a very short period of time, become one of the top firms in Puerto Rico. The reason why is clear. As a forward looking firm from the beginning, we consistently think outside the box and strive to be different. While we were conceived as an intellectual property and corporate law boutique, we have evolved into a top-notch, full-service firm. Since 2009, we have been consistently top-ranked by Chambers & Partners Latin America and are currently providing legal services to the United States and to the world.

Our secret? Forward thinking vision, efficiency, precision and innovation. Our legal team is comprised of a group of pioneers and renowned practitioners who have joined Ferraiuoli from other law firms with an unrivaled passion for what they do. We partner with our clients to understand, from their perspective, the complex legal and business challenges they face. Our combined team has proved to be outstanding, not only for local businesses, but for clients worldwide.

With a legal team of more than 90 professionals, we continue to be the only Puerto Rico based firm that has an exclusive, full service Intellectual Property department, representing a wide array of clients, from innovative start-ups to international corporations. But we have branched out from our original niche and offer state-of-the-art legal and business consulting services including Corporate and Real Estate, Taxes, Labor and Employment Law, Commercial Litigation, Environmental, Energy and Land Use, and Government Affairs practices, among others.

But even as we grow we know that drive and resources alone are not enough to really succeed in a highly competitive world. So we strive to stay true to our original core values: innovation, dependability, commitment and responsibility. Simply put, we make ourselves available for our clients whenever, and for whatever they need, because these things are better left unchanged.


“Maristella Collazo-Soto is praised by clients who highlight her “responsibility and experience.” She is described by sources as “a very professional lawyer, both approachable and accessible at the same time,” with clients adding: “She is always available and stays in close contact.”
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