Rodrigo Cid


MCLAW – Müller, Cid, Noronha, Cruz & Gorenstein
Rua Visconde de Pirajá 414, sala 1404
CEP: 22401-905, Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tel: +55 11 2539-0154


Rodrigo Cid is a Brazilian lawyer with extensive international experience. Although born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Rodrigo started studying English early in life and spent a great part of his late teens and early adult life teaching English to executive professionals from big companies.

In 2008, while still attending law school, Rodrigo was hired by one of the top Intellectual Property Firms in Brazil, where he was offered a permanent position in the complex litigation department even before his graduation.

During this period, Rodrigo was in the frontline of most IP-related disputes in Brazil, such as regulatory data protection, Industrial Design limitations, Copyrights related to new forms of art and many other topics.

In 2011, Rodrigo moved to Alicante, where he attended the Magister Lvcentinvs’ LL.M program in Intellectual Property. Upon returning to Brazil, Rodrigo resumed his activities – now in a new firm – and continued to work in complex litigation, but started to pursue a different focus, helping small and medium business to become more competitive through research & development and effective IP management.

Over the past few years Rodrigo dedicated himself to understand and navigate Regulatory Affairs within several and diverse economic and social segments, helping clients involved in innovation projects to prepare for the regulatory challenges of new technologies within the fields of IT, IoT, Renewable Energy and Biotech.

Rodrigo is also an external consultant for Public Policies and IP matters at the Brazilian Confederation of Industries and gives lectures all around Brazil.

All of our partners come primarily from Intellectual Property, Litigation and Regulatory backgrounds, with vast experience deriving from an extensive practice and education. One by one we joined hands, consolidating our group and creating our law firm as it is today, one that understands and values multidisciplinarity and believes in the power of creative thinking and intelligent interaction.

Integration and Interconnectivity are words which have been setting the tone of the discourse when it comes to technological development. These concepts are stepping stones for innovations in both accuracy and productivity when distributing products and delivering services. The legal practice is not an exception. Areas of expertise often are treated as dissociated from the whole that the Legal Science really is.

The power of groundbreaking ideas is inevitable and demands the creation of new ways of designing, navigating and interpreting the legal rules and systems. To be effective in designing the right legal strategies and solutions for each client and situation, a law firm needs to have a solid background and vision, so as to be able to look at all legal challenges presented as intertwined and co-dependent. Thus, for meeting challenges head on, our professionals are organized in a think tank format, gathering diversity and multidisciplinarity to look at the Legal Science from the points of view of Technology, Innovation and Development.

We invest in our people so that they may harness their legal skills and pursue their own objectives aligned with their own interests within our organization. This translates into motivation and innovative thinking that deeply contribute to our many endeavors. Our vision is materialized in a law office which provides an environment to nurture and shape talents and which values creativity. By mixing together tried professionals with decades of legal experience with young and talented professionals, we nurture excellence, dynamic and out-of-the-box thinking to provide tailor-made legal solutions for each situation.

When contributing to our massive Intellectual Property practice or when adding knowledge and muscle to our Corporate, Regulatory, Biotech and/or Litigation divisions, dealing with clients that have all kinds of profiles, from corporations to nonprofit organizations, our professionals understand the impact of their work in real life, always targeting advancement and excellence.

At the core of our practice, we help integrate the academy, businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations in relevant initiatives which improve people’s quality of life and help shape our future.

“We are now facing a moment in human history as important as the Cognitive, Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions. About pretty much everything we do is facing rapid changes with the coming of the Digital Age. There is a blank canvas ahead of us in terms of shaping the new economy and society itself. I believe that creating a positive environment for new disruptive technologies and businesses will achieve many accomplishments.”
Rodrigo Cid