Tang Xiaofeng


Beijing GEACH IP Law Office
Room 525, Building B, Fucheng Mansion
No. 98 Beilishi Street Jia, Xicheng District
Beijing 100037, P. R. China

Tel: +86 10 68318129

Email: tang@geach.com.cn
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Mr. Tang specializes in Intellectual Property business as a dually qualified Chinese attorney-at-law and patent/trademark attorney. He worked at Patent and Trademark Law Office of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade from 1993 to 2012 and established Beijing GEACH IP Law Office as one of the founding partners in 2012. He holds a Master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from Peking University Health Science Center.

His practice focuses on patent drafting, patent prosecution, re-examination, patent invalidation and patent litigation and he has handled more than two hundreds of patent cases covering various technical fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, synthetic and natural pharmaceuticals, formulations, polymer chemistry, cosmetics, detergents and agrochemicals, among others. He also provided legal advice relating to patent infringement, patent validity and strategic advice. Mr. Tang has also drafted many patent applications for domestic clients and filed these patent applications in many countries, such as the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Canada, and Russia etc.

He has a deep understanding of Chinese culture, especially Chinese legal culture. He had made a comparative study on inventiveness among US, EP, JP and China and conducted an in-depth study on Chinese insufficient disclosure issue under Chinese patent practice. He is a leading expert in the pharmaceutical field in China.

He has resolved many complex patent problems. He has successfully maintained client’s right in several patent invalidation cases in 2017.

Beijing Geach Intellectual Property Law Office

Geach is a professional intellectual property law office approved by Chinese Patent Office and strives to offer clients excellent service. Our practice areas cover all major fields including patent, trademark and copyright protection, infringement litigation and other related Intellectual Property affairs.

Our Professionals guarantees quality and efficiency. They have outstanding academic qualifications and relevant industrial experience. They have rich working experience in a top Chinese Intellectual Property law office or in Chinese Patent Office. They are particularly adept at pharmaceutical industry fields covering biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, formulations.

We offer specialized IP-related service to clients from around the world. We understand our clients’ needs and provide a high-quality service focused on our clients’ business interests. We do our best to prosecute, protect and enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights. Combining our technical and legal expertise, we provide valuable advice and service to our clients.


“TANG Xiaofeng is highly regarded for his significant experience and expertise of prosecution of pharmaceutical applications in China”, one client remarks his advice as “very strategic”.