Timothy J. Zarley

USA: Iowa

Zarley Law

Tel: 515 558 0200

Web: www.zarleylaw.com

Tim is extremely humble and hardworking, so we must do the bragging for him. He has filed over 1,500 patent applications, over 1,000 trademark applications, and handled over 100 litigations.

To say he’s a seasoned veteran in the intellectual property industry is, well, a bit of an understatement.

With an immense amount of industry experience, he lends our clients his expertise to effectively navigate through the intricacies of anything and everything IP. He matches our clients’ passion and enthusiasm about an idea or innovation and works to protect them as if they were his own. He’s an entrepreneur at heart and lives for the next groundbreaking idea.

Tim earned a B.S. in small business management, followed by an MBA, and then a J.D. all from Drake University. After graduation, Tim worked his way up from a clerk in 1996, becoming an associate in 1998. In 2001, Tim established Zarley Law with his father, Don Zarley. Don was a great mentor with over five decades of experience, growing a previous firm to twenty attorneys.

Today, Tim carries on the Zarley legacy by providing top notch service in a wide variety of industries and works tirelessly for client success.

Zarley Law is a full-service law firm in Des Moines, Iowa, focused on and dedicated to intellectual property law. The roots of our firm extend back more than 60 years, beginning with a small, one-man office started by Don Zarley in 1954 and a commitment to providing sound intellectual property guidance for our clients. Today, Zarley Law is proud to honor that commitment, as well as sticking to what matters most—honesty, hard work, creative vision, common sense and values.

Intellectual property is all we do. As a dedicated specialty firm, our clients get to know us and the many services we provide to protect them. It’s crucial to us that we understand their needs and know what’s important for the success of their businesses. We believe in accessibility and exceptional service at a reasonable cost.

Earning a client’s trust, loyalty and respect is our greatest reward. Every aspect of our firm is structured to provide the best possible client experience. We strive to put the client’s interests first in all we do. Partnerships are important to us, and we’re proud to forge ones that last generations.

Our clients are the difference at Zarley Law. With 5,000+ patent applications protecting ideas that improve lives and create jobs, 2,500+ trademark applications identifying the source of quality products and exceptional service and countless licenses and settlement agreements leading to profits that produce and safeguard innovation, we’re proud to work with entrepreneurs and business leaders and to protect their hard work.