District Court Holds That Patent Validity Is A Single Issue For Collateral Estoppel Purposes

A federal district court in the Northern District of California granted plaintiff XpertUniverse’s (XU) motion for partial summary judgment on collateral estoppel and precluded defendant Cisco Systems from raising new invalidity grounds. The court also denied Cisco’s motion for judgment on the pleadings under 35 U.S.C. § 101.

In a previous lawsuit between the parties (the “First Action”), Cisco’s Remote Expert product was found to infringe XU’s U.S. Patent No. 7,499,903 (the “‘903 Patent”) and the […]

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Flags As Trademarks: What Are The Rules Of The Road?

I never paid a lot of attention to Flag Day, until the year that my daughter was born on June 14. Now Flag Day is a special day for our family, and of course there is a lot of flag waving on Independence Day which comes hot on its heels. So this seems like a good time to review the rules on when you can register and use images of flags as trademarks.
Rules Regarding […]

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Protecting Your Companies Competitive Edge

You might not think about non-competes, employee and customer non-solicits or trade secrets and confidential information very often. But we do. They are core to your business and help maintain your competitive edge. And we’re proud to play a key role in shaping this area of the law through our practice and thought leadership.

All companies, regardless of size, have sensitive information and valuable customer and employee relationships. There are simple measures that every business […]

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