To Patent Or Keep Secret: Top Tips From Gowling WLGS’s Global Ip Professionals

Amid the frenetic pace of today’s innovation lifecycle, do patents always afford the best protection of proprietary inventions?  Or, with increasingly strong trade secret laws around the world, should innovators instead consider keeping their smart ideas under wraps indefinitely?

On May 13, 2020, members of Gowling WLG’s global intellectual property team presented a live webinar that unpacked how IP owners can approach these questions strategically.  The webinar, the first in our “Lifecycle of a Smart Idea” […]

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Federal Circuit Clarifies The “Reasonably Pertintent” Analogous Art Standard

The Federal Circuit vacated and remanded an IPR decision in Donner Technology, LLC v. Pro Stage Gear, LLC, because the PTAB used the wrong standard in evaluating whether a reference was analogous art.  The correct standard, according to the Federal Circuit, is whether the reference is reasonably pertinent to particular problems to which the patent relates, and that requires identifying and comparing the problems to which the reference and the patent relate.
Federal Circuit Held That, […]

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IP Australia – Exceptional Support For Users Disrupted By COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing global disruption, and entire sectors of the economy are being shut down to limit infection.

During this difficult time, IP Australia, which includes the Australian Patent Office, the Designs Office and the Trade Marks Office, is supporting individuals and businesses who use the patent, designs, plant breeder’s rights and trade mark systems.

The Australian Government has announced extensive support to individuals and businesses impacted by COVID-19, including tax assistance for people impacted by […]

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